If you are considering membership at IBC, read this page and speak with one of the pastors.

Our members have met the following qualifications:

1. Salvation

Members of IBC have trusted fully in Jesus Christ for the savlation of our souls (see salvation). Those who have done so are what the apostle Paul calls saints. The New Testament church is a gathering of saints.

2. Baptism

Members of IBC have also been baptized as believers by immersion in a Christian church. In the New Testament, those who trusted Christ for salvation were publicly baptized. Baptism identifies one publicly as a follower of Christ. In some cultures even today, such public identification can bring great scorn or trouble. Although not despised in America, the person being baptized should consider carefully whether he is willing to be identified as a "Christian." Baptism does not save a person. It is symbolic of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. It is an act of obedience to Jesus.

3. Commitment

IBC exists to glorify God by leading people to Jesus Christ and equipping them for His service. Those who would join our membership must understand those words and be committed to seeing that mission accomplished. Membership assumes a willingness to serve our Lord through this ministry. There are many opportunities to serve. Our members must faithfully attend services, pray for the work, and be part of the team seeking to glorify God in this way.

If you've got questions, talk to the pastor, a deacon, or stop by the Welcome Center!