From children's ministries to outreach; adult Bible studies to Sunday school teachers, the Lord's work is being done by an army of volunteers - saints who recognize that the important things in life deal with the eternal.

Here are a few ways for members to get involved:

  • Cleaning the church (scheduled)
  • Greeter (scheduled)
  • Usher (monthly)
  • Grounds Team (seasonal)
  • Building & Maintenance (on call as needed)
  • Children's Church (scheduled)
  • Multimedia (scheduled)
  • Nursery (scheduled)
  • Sunday School Teacher (annual commitment)
  • Children's Ministry (annual commitment)
  • Swordmasters Club (annual commitment)
  • Youth Ministry (annual commitment)
  • Hospitality Team (on call as needed)
  • Nursing Home Ministry (scheduled)
  • Prison Ministry (annual commitment)
  • Event Coordinator (various projects - see Peter Beals)

(some ministries require a background check)

Cleaning the Church

Cleaners are broken into weekly teams of four which work to maintain our facilities. From vacuuming to windows to bathrooms & nursery, the church is given a "once over" cleaning in preparation for Sunday services. This ministry is a great blessing to the church.

WHEN: Volunteers serve about every six weeks, on their own schedule sometime after Wednesday night and before Sunday.


The greeters are often the first ones seen by guests to the church. If you love people (you should!), join this ministry. You don't have to be especially good at conversation: if you can smile and shake hands, you'll show someone you care about them and are glad they came.

WHEN: 15 minutes before the services. Volunteers serve for a month at a time & participate every few months.


Ushers are available to seat people, collect the offering, and handle the unexpected. There are a few different ushering roles with varying degrees of responsibility.

WHEN: 15 minutes before each service and on duty throughout the service. Volunteers serve for a month at a time & participate every few months.

Grounds Team

Sign up for just the summer and help out with the mowing and/or general cleanup. The lawn is mowed weekly and the parking lot cleared of debris. Some volunteers simply check the shrub beds once a month during June - September.

WHEN: on your own time; varies by job.

Building & Maintenance

Occasionally, building repairs and maintenance require special skills. If you are handy or skilled in a special way, and are willing to give of your time if needed, let us know.

WHEN: as needed to handle the unexpected

Children's Church

Our weekly Children's Church requires active servants of the Lord ministering as He has equipped them. Volunteers include song leaders, preachers, musicians, hosts, and general helpers.

WHEN: During the Sunday AM service. Volunteers serve on a schedule with varying frequency.

Multimedia Ministry

Each service requires a volunteer to help ensure the sound system and recording equipment is manned and operating correctly. If you have a basic comfort with technology, you can be trained to serve in this way.

WHEN: During the service (in the sanctuary). Volunteers serve on a schedule about every six weeks.


Each service volunteers are needed for nursery care. If you are a woman who loves children and enjoys working with them, this may be a ministry for you. Love and cleanliness are top priorities.

WHEN: during services. Volunteers are scheduled and serve about once a month.

Sunday School Teacher

We often learn best when teaching others. Teaching a Sunday School class is one of the most rewarding ways to serve the Lord.

To keep our Sunday School ministry vibrant, our teachers make an annual commitment to serve (September - August). Many teachers serve for multiple years. Our ministry rotation plan is always making room for new teachers, and allowing existing teachers a break to learn in the adult Sunday School class.

WHEN: Sunday mornings

Children's Ministry

Teaching "second hour" is often a combination of teaching and monitoring play time. As a children's ministry worker, you have a big opportunity in a small amount of time. You are being watched - even if it's a child's only visit, you can make an impression to last a lifetime. "[Allow] the children to come unto me," Jesus said, "and forbid them not..."

WHEN: Sunday mornings, evenings, and Wednesday evenings.


Our weekly Swordmasters Club volunteers help guide our young people through teaching and games. This rewarding ministry is a place to help point children to our loving Savior. If you are energetic and love working with children, this ministry may be for you.

WHEN: Wednesday evenings, weekly. Annual commitment expected.

Youth Ministry

Adult volunteers (any age!) are often needed in our teen ministries to help supervise outings, drive, help with games, and other duties. If you are energetic and love helping people, consider helping with our youth ministry. This is an opportunity to help shape the next generation by your example.

WHEN: As needed. Annual commitment desired.

Hospitality Team

Member volunteers provide a meal for another member temporarily set aside, requiring aid (for example, a mother of young children recovering from surgery, while dad's unavailable). Our Hospitality Team overseer would contact the volunteer privately asking if a meal could be provided, usually with only 1 or 2 days' notice. If you are a member, good in the kitchen (or good at ordering takeout), this is an opportunity to show mercy and lend aid to those in need.

WHEN: as needed; typically a couple of times a year

SIGN ME UP: Stop by the Welcome Center any time to sign up to help.

Event Coordinator

Throughout the year, volunteers help with a variety of projects on a one time basis. If you are organized and willing to help with a short term project, there may be a job for you. Examples include managing a fellowship dinner/family night, promotion of the Cantata, etc.

WHEN: short term assignment projects

SIGN ME UP: Please see Peter Beals for more information